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ICPEP-5 Pre-Registration

The pre-registration is closed now

Please click here for
 Conference Information, Areas/Disciplines of the Conference, Registration Procedure/Charges, Submission of Paper etc.


Please Pre-Register for the Conference to let us know about your area(s) of interest.
We will keep you apprised about the forthcoming Conference.
Your Pre-Registration will also help us to estimate and plan the real needs of the Conference.

Please use this form for free online pre-registration.

(Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr/Prof etc.)
*Sex: Male Female
Designation, Division/Section, Organisation: (If any)

Correspondence Address:

Postal Code:

*E-mail: (Please give only one e-mail ID.)
Telephone (Landline): (Please give full number including country, city, area code.)
Mobile phone: (Please give full number including country, city, area code.)
Area(s) of interest:


Please indicate above your area(s) of interest from following list.

1. Bio-indication & Bioremediation
2. Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology
3. Environmental Impact Assessment, Eco-auditing & Environmental Education
4. Environment & Biodiversity
5. Plant Responses to Environmental Pollution
6. Climate Change
7. Role of botanical gardens in climate change research
8. Environmental outreach, Education and Information
9. Contemporary environmental issues:
  (a) Paleo-environment (g) Sustainable agriculture & food Security
  (b) Environmental impact on cultural heritage (h) Alien Plant Invasion
  (c) Environmental systems and disaster
(i) Bio-prospecting
  (d) Hospital wastes management (j) Noise pollution
  (e) Indoor pollutants, bio-pollutants (k) Urban pollution & green belt designing
  (f) Bio-energy / Biofuel  

Fields marked with red asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Error Note: If after submitting "The webpage cannot be found" error is issued
then please ensure that all mandatory fields are filled.


Note: As far as possible online submission is preferred.


However, if it is not possible to submit online then please

download the pre-registration form in MS Word (.doc format) from this link,

and send the the duly filled form by e-mail to [email protected]

download the PDF file from this link and send duly filled form by conventional mail to;

Organizing Secretaries (ICPEP-5),

International Society of Environmental Botanists,

CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute Campus,

Lucknow-226001, India

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