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What Others Say About Us

A praise is an encouragement to do better.

The whole creation responds to praise.

We seek your views and comments on the contents of this website, which may please be sent to The Secretary, ISEB.

I am pleased to know that the Second International Conference on Plants & Environmental Pollution (ICPEP-2) is being organized in Lucknow by the International Society of Environmental Botanists and National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow. Our dependence on plants for day-to-day requirements is well known. We value plants as providers of all our food materials, most of our medicines, variety of chemical substances that we use. It is important that the Conference throws more light on certain properties of plants, which have not attracted enough attention so far. We observe that there are some plants, which vanish if the air is polluted.

I have no doubt that the Conference will provide new perspectives for advancement of science and in human welfare.

A. B. Vajpayee

Prime Minister

New Delhi, India

It is my pleasure to inform you that the application for Scientific Membership submitted by the International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB) was accepted by the 28th General Assembly of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS).

Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration between ISEB and IUBS.

Talal Younès

Executive Director

International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)

Paris (France)

I have been watching with interest and admiration, the commendable job being done by the International Society of Environmental Botanists, Lucknow, in creating awareness and educating people about various environmental issues. I greatly enjoy reading ‘EnviroNews’, which contains a wealth of scientific information in a communicable language.

B. D. Sanwal, ICS (Retd.)

Ex-Chief Secretary

Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

I am regular reader of the EnviroNews’, which is very educative and informative. I greatly appreciate the dedicated efforts of ISEB in promoting the cause of environmental awareness and education in cross section of the Society. I feel very happy that the ‘EnviroNews’ has a global reach.

Dr. S.C. Rai, M.S.

Mayor, Lucknow

I have gone through the publication, ‘EnviroNews’ and found it to be highly educative. The ISEB and the journal ‘EnviroNews’ are doing a great service to the society by creating an atmosphere of awareness on one of the biggest concerns of the Society.

Prof. G. Mehta


Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi

NGOs can play a significant role in creating awareness amongst masses about the ill effects of environmental pollution. It in a matter of great pride for the people of Uttar Pradesh that International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB) was founded in this State. I had pleasure of attending several interesting and informative programmes organized by ISEB. I wish to extend my warmest greetings to ISEB and ‘EnviroNews’.

Dilip Kumar, IAS

Principal Secretary

Department of Environment

Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

Many thanks for the ‘EnviroNews’. It provides some very useful articles and information. I must congratulate you and your colleagues for continuing to maintain excellent standard of the Newsletter.

Prof. Anupam Varma

National Professor

Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi

Kindly accept my hearty congratulations for preparing an excellent newsletter on environment. You and your organization are doing a great service to the society and country by organizing studies on environmental problems and creating general awareness amongst common people about the need of preservation of environment.

Jagdish Gandhi

Manager, City Montessori Schools Lucknow &

Recipient of UNESCO Prize for Peace & Education

Plants play an important role in maintaining our environment including preserving the quality of top soil and water bodies. International Society of environmental Botanists is a useful offshoot of CSIR’s National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow. I am particularly happy to see it carrying out an important task of bridging international linkages in the field of environmental botany.

R. A. Mashelker

Director General CSIR

& Secretary Government of India

Department of Scientific& Industrial Research, New Delhi

I have been regularly reading ‘EnviroNews’, which is highly educative and informative. The ISEB is creating awareness in society about environmental pollution and the means of mitigating it. I wish to extend my warmest greetings to all members of ISEB.

Prof. G. G. Sanwal

Emeritus Scientist (CSIR)

Formerly Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Head, Biochemistry Department

Lucknow University, Lucknow

‘EnviroNews' is not only very informative but the facts are presented in an interesting way. Every issue is getting better and better. Your Millennium Issue – 2000 is particularly well presented with lot of factual data and attractive lay out.

Dr. R. C. Srimal

Emeritus Scientist (CSIR) & former Director

Industrial Toxicology Research Centre, Lucknow

Please note my change of address below. I retired from being Director of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Please send me future mailings of the International Society of Environmental Botanists at my new address.

Prof. Sir Ghillean Prance, FRS.

(Life Member of ISEB)

As a regular reader of ‘EnviroNews’, I have been watching the activities of International Society of Environmental Botanists with lot of interest. I have been greatly impressed by the contributions made by this Society in creating environmental awareness among different sections of our society. ISEB is successfully playing its role as a liaison between environmental scientists and common man.

Dr. Prabhat Kumar, IAS

Managing Director

U.P. Cooperative Sugar Federation Ltd., Lucknow

Congratulations on the wonderful arrangements for ICPEP-2. You and your colleagues did a superb job under the leadership of Dr. P. Pushpangadan. My only regret was my inability to stay for a couple of days more. Meeting our young scientists was an inspiring experience.

I wish you continued good health, much personal happiness and professional success. I congratulate you and all your colleagues for excellent publications of ICPEP-2.

Please do keep me on your mailing list. 

M.S. Swaminathan, FRS.

Chairman, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation

Chennai, India

Thank you for inviting me to speak at and participate in the Second International Conference on Plants & Environmental Pollution (ICPEP-2) held at Lucknow, India. I enjoyed ICPEP-2 very much. The scientific and cultural experiences were most rewarding. I especially enjoyed meeting students and was impressed with them.

Thank you for organizing an outstanding Conference and for including me in it. Congratulations on a very successful Conference. My visit to India was all too brief and I must plan a return visit.

Prof. W. J. Manning

Department of Microbiology, University of Massachusetts

Amherst, MA, USA

At the outset, let me convey my appreciation to you and to your colleagues for the numerous hospitalities offered to me while in Lucknow. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and attending the Conference.

I offer my congratulations to ISEB, to the NBRI and to the organizations, for organizing ICPEP-2. I learned a lot from listening to the diverse technical presentations and talking to the participating scientists at ICPEP-2.

It is very important to maintain newly found friendships. To that end, I encourage you and your colleagues to sustain dialogue at the international level, on environmental issues of concern, on future collaborations and on meetings to exchange information.

Prof. S. V. Krupa

Department of Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota,

St. Paul, MN, USA

We express our appreciation for your organization of the Conference. We could enjoy the scientific discussions. We hope you will continue your international activities in future also.

O. Ashurmetov & U.N. Japakova

Botanical Institute & Botanical Garden

Uzbek Academy of Science, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

It was wonderful to be back in Lucknow among old friends and meet new ones. Thanks for the warm welcome and kind hospitality. Lucknow will always be home to me in India. There is no other place in the world that I have been to with warmer and friendlier people. I have enjoyed tremendously the Conference and look forward to coming back again for the next ICPEP Conference.

Ms. Melor Ismail

University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Please accept my heartfelt praise for organizing ICPEP-2 in such a big way. You and your team deserve all kind of appreciation for organizing the Conference in academically most sound manner.

Prof. Madhoolika Agrawal

Department of Botany, Banaras Hindu University

Varanasi, India

I want to thank you very much for the opportunity we had to visit India and to attend a very interesting and fruitful meeting. We enjoyed very much the hospitality and friendship we found at Lucknow.

Prof. Osvaldo A. Fernande

Universidad Nacional del Sur,

Bahia Blanca, Argentina

We wish to thank for the most successful Conference in your beautiful Institute in Lucknow.

Dr. Ms. Elina Oksanen,

Dr. Ms. Johanna Riikonen &

Dr. Ms. Riikka Neimi

University of Kuopio, Finland

My pleasure to send my best regards from Egypt for ISEB& NBRI. Thanks again and again for helping in attending the ICPEP-2. Congratulations for enormous success in organizing it on scientific and social levels, this keeping very good delegate attendance.

Looking forward for further cooperation.

Mohamed Soliman

Botany Department, Faculty of Science,

Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

It was a very well organized and successful Conference in every respect. All in all, it was a memorable visit to Lucknow. We (I and Prof. De Silva) had some wonderful experience.

P. A. J. Yapa

University of Jayawardanepura,

Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

I fully realize the diverse problems one has to face and manage every day while organizing big functions like the ICPEP-2. It was a big show indeed, and the credit of holding it successful does go to you and your team.

Prof. Muhammad Iqbal

Department of Botany, Hamdard University,

New Delhi, India

I would like to say thanks to the organizers, scientists and students from Lucknow, and all those persons who worked hard to give us the opportunity to meet, to learn, and to enjoy the hospitality.

Dr. Ms. Elizabeth Olivares

Instituto Venezolano De Investigaciones,

Caracas, Venezuela

I write to thank you for all your kindness and courtesies during my recent visit to Lucknow to attend ICPEP-2. I should be most grateful if two sets of all the papers presented during this Conference could be sent to us. We need to send one set to our Paris Headquarters and the second set for our use and records.

Ms. Sudha Menhdiratta

National Officer in Ecological Sciences

UNESCO, New Delhi

I am busy writing the report about my participation in the ICPEP-2 at Lucknow. I would like to thank you again for the invitation. I will always remember you all.

Dr. Ms. Josanidia Santana Lima

Universidade Federal da Bahia,

Salvador-Ba, Brazil

I had a great time during ICPEP-2. Good arrangements, nice people keep memories of ICPEP-2 and Lucknow alive in my mind for many years to come. I wish all the very best to the organizers of ICPEP-2 for such a wonderful organization of this international event.

Dr. Navin P. Bhatia

Central  Queensland University, Australia

The electronic version of the newsletter is very impressive. Carry on. You are doing a great service. Best wishes.

Prof. P. K. Seth

CEO, Biotech Park,

Industrial Toxicology Research Centre


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