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Third International Conference on

Plants & Environmental Pollution (ICPEP-3)

 28 November to 2 December 2005

Abstract of Paper

Abstract not exceeding one A-4 page is to be submitted in electronic form by mail alongwith one hard copy print or as an attachment by e-mail or Faxed. In case the abstract is sent by FAX then the digital copy of same MUST be submitted by mail or e-mail. Last date of submission of abstract is 31st August 2005.

The abstract should be typed in “Times New Roman” 12 pt Normal font, single line spacing and should include;-

  • Title of Paper in BLOCK letters

  • Name of author(s) in italics with an asterisk (*) marked against the name of the presenting author,

  • 5 to 6 key words,

  • Main body,

  • Author(s)' primary institutional affiliations using superscript numerals including full address of the author(s) up to town and country and E-mail IDs.

Please set page margins of 2.5 cm (1 Inch) on all four sides (no gutter) and save your digital/electronic submission using your full name as the file name (If your full name is ‘abc xyz’ please name the file as “abc_xyz_abstract.rtf”). In case you are submitting more than one paper then please name the file as “abc_xyz_abstract_01.rtf”, “abc_xyz_abstract_02.rtf” onward. It is IMPORTANT that the file is saved in “Rich Text Format” (.rtf) or “MS Word” (.doc) and should not contain any macro. File in other formats will not be accepted.

The electronic file is to be e-mailed as an attachment or sent on a digital media (CD or USB Flash Drive or 3.5 inch Floppy Drive). The name of file should be clearly written on the digital media by indelible ink.

Click here to download sample Abstract Document in MS Word format.

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