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Vol. 23 No. 3 - July 2017

Multiple benefits of herbal bath with Lemon

By: Mr. Mahendraa Modi, IPS*

This article has been written in two parts. Part 1 consists of scientific composition and benefits of drinking lemon juice. The second part has explored a new world of benefits of having lemon bath as the increasing trend of global warming and diminishing rainfall demand this research.

Lemon juice contains Protein, fat and Carbohydrate and is full of calories and fibre. Lemon is also rich in minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Lemon fulfills the mineral components normally deficient in RO water or rain water. Vitamins found in lemons are Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Vitamins E, D and C.

Benefits of Lemon water:

Lemon adds vitality and has incredible cleansing effects on the body and has the power to heal us. Hence, incorporate lemon water into our daily life. Experience after 14 days of having lemon juice and taking juice and lemon peel oil water bath.

Botanically, lemon is known as Citrus limon. It originated in India in the foot hills of Himalayas and the spread out. Two main types of lemon are Lisbon and Eureka. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which is essential for normal growth and development. Vitamin C has a myriad of health benefits from protecting against pre natal problems, cardiovascular disease, cancer, eye diseases, skin wrinkles and immune system deficiencies .It is an antioxidant, and hence, helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Unique health benefits of Lemon:

  1. The citrate of lemon water is a Natural detoxificant and flushes out the unwanted toxins from the body. According to 2002 edition of ' European Journal of Nutrition', and ‘ Indian research Journal in 2005 edition of BMC ‘Pharmacology hesperidin’ lemon peels lower the blood and liver cholesterol and is beneficial to fatty lever disease .

  2. Citrus flavonoids improve digestion with warm lemon water. Zest of the lemon improves the good bacteria in the gut.

  3. Alkalize with Lemon water alkalinity neutralizes acid in the body. Lemon water helps the ph range to keep between 4.6 to 8.0 and thus neutralizes the negative effects .Achieving healthy alkalinity benefits the bone health, reduces muscle wasting, decreases chances of hypertension and strokes and also improves memory.

  4. Weight loss/appetite suppressant-pectin and polyphenols found in lemons reduce excess weight and has also the appetite suppressing quality. The studies of Florida State University confirm it. Keep a record of your mood enhancement after 2 weeks after experiencing the positive benefits one experience from lemon.

  5. Reduce wrinkles and improve your skin after having lemon bath Lemon has anti-ageing properties. Lemon derived antioxidants are able to reverse the breakdown of collagen fibers in the skin .Collagen gives skin its strength structure and plumpness and protects the skin from toxins. Our body is exposed to drugs, radiation, pesticides, pollutants, solvents, alcohol, tobacco, smoke pollution and even foods we eat.

  6. Add half or one lemon to one bucket full of water and take bath. The negative effects of environmental hazards will be washed off. The essential lemon oils coming out of the peels of the lemon has antimicrobial activities against bad bacteria, yeast and fungi. The sciatic nerve damage gets reduced through lemon use. Use of lemon oil regulates energy stores.

Advantages of Lemon bath

Discard LIRIL, forget BATH SOAP, Refresh yourself with Lemon water!

Have eco-friendly, economic bath and conserve water.

Save money, save the world from global warming.

1.3 billion family members of the Indian Nation and 7.65 billion world citizens need not spend their valuable money on purchasing bath soaps. Taking bath with lemon water will be suitable for the environment and socio economic condition of India and similarly placed people.

Have a lemon tree.

  1. (a) One lemon tree produces enormous lemons, enough to save the expenditure on bath soaps of at least two families. I have been (b) taking bath and (c) washing my face by lemon water only.

  2. Lemon tree grows in every district rather in every block/village of India and it grows any where easily.

  3. While taking bath with soap you have to spend more water on washing the residues of the soap from the body. But if you take bath with lemon water you can save 50 to 70 percent of the quantity of water spent on having a soap-bath.

  4. It has been a problem to decompose the grey water (Soap water). One cannot recharge the grey water into the ground. This lemon-water-waste down the bath room can be recharged easily into the ground as this is eco-friendly. The soapy water acts as a film which hinders the speed of water recharging. 

  5. After taking bath with soap you have to spend more time in cleaning your ear off the residue of the soap. You get relieved of this problem when you use lemon water.

  6. There will be no need of acidic material used in decomposing this grey water. The acid acts as a poison to the environment. This grey water produced at present needs STPs (Sewage treatment plants) for getting treated. One third of these expensive STPs in India are defunct. And their "treated" water is hardly useful for even taking bath 

  7. As and when there is little bath soap in use, we will be able to save the environment further from plastic and plastic-coated paper wrappers of the soaps. This will again help create an eco-friendly environment.

  8. Any manufacturing process may increase global warming. When soap manufacturing unit gets reduced, it will help mitigate global warming. 

  9. Some soap factory owners may lobby against this move. But when 1.3 billion people get benefited, the closure of bath soap factories will need only a switch over to other professions or they can grow lemon trees to sell fresh lemon juices for the people.

  10. The lemon juice bath and oil from the peels of the lemon will remove toxic elements from the body. Lemon juice is a health rejuvenator.

  11. Precaution- Beware of synthetic lemon juice. Use only natural tree lemon.

  12. Additional uses of lemon water (i) Fresh lemon juice has a miraculous ability to kill cancer cells much more than chemotherapy. (ii) Lemon Juice contains antimicrobial property, it can combat bacterial and fungal infections and it is also effective against worms and parasites. (iii) It regulates blood pressure and is an anti depressant, combats stress and nervous disorders.

  13. What about washing clothes with lemon water? My research on it is incomplete. But if you have put on your T-shirt, shirt or small clothes for only one day or got sweat wet after playing sports, just wash your clothes with lemon juice water. It is enough. 

  14. (i) Lemon water bath will remove the dandruff from one's head. (ii) It helps remove skin diseases.

  15. Just take care to pour two mugs of plain water on your body after having lemon water bath.

  16. Some people take bath with imported soap. By having lemon bath one will save foreign exchange reserves.

  17. Lemon peels will turn into bio-fertilizer if you bury them in a pit. Do not transport them by dirt carrying municipal vehicle to the land fill.

  18. Cleanse your utensils with lemon peels.

  19. Let us plant lemon trees in every park, garden, barren land or agricultural field. This will enhance green belt.

  20. More honey bees will spread out new bee hives, thereby promoting production of honey.

  21. Farmers can earn money by selling their lemons.

Hence, I dedicate the findings of my own research, experience and thoughts to the environment loving people. Again I call- stop bath soap. Start lemon bath.


*The author, a well known crusader of water harvesting, is Additional Director General of Police, U.P. E-mail: [email protected]

This article has been reproduced from the archives of EnviroNews - Newsletter of ISEB India.

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