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Vol. 15 No. 3 - July 2009

Change Your Home Environment By Chrysanthemum Blooms

B.K. Banerji and A.K. Dwivedi*

Chrysanthemum (C. morifolium Ramat) is an ornamental plant which belongs to family Asteraceae. Chrysanthemum finds its origin in China. Confucius (Chinese Philosopher) wrote about Chrysanthemum in 550 BC. The name Chrysanthemum denotes golden coloured flower, originating from Greek words chrysos, gold and anthos, flower. From China Chrysanthemum has spread throughout the world. National Botanical Research Institute is one of the pioneer organizations, maintaining chrysanthemum germplasm from last four decades. It has collections of all types of chrysanthemum which includes large flower (standard), pot mums, small-flowered and mini chrysanthemum. Wide range of biodiversity in chrysanthemum colour, form and type can be seen in the month of December. The size of bloom ranges from 1.0 cm to 22 cm across. Wide spectrums of colours are available except blue and black. Leaf size ranges from 1cm to 15cm in length and its colour varies from green, dark green and variegated. The plant height varies from 10cm to 120cm. Beauty of the flower head is decided by the colour, number and arrangements of ray and disc florets on inflorescence (Capitulum). Diversity of flower shape and size blended with broad spectrum of colour make this plant ideal for home and garden decoration and it has the power to change the home environment into heaven. Floriculture section of NBRI is very keen to develop new cultivars of chrysanthemum to germplasm enrichment to make it more attractive and interesting for the public. In addition NBRI also organizes chrysanthemum and coleus flower show in the month of December to generate interest and awareness about chrysanthemum plant. This flower show a special section is meant for flower arrangement dedicated to ladies where they translate their artistic skill through chrysanthemum and make eye catching thematic arrangements, garlands, buttons, etc.

On the basis of flower size chrysanthemum is classified into three main types viz mini, small and large. Large-flowered chrysanthemum are used as a pot plant and has eight types of flowers which include incurved, incurving, reflexed, intermediate, quilled, ball, irregular and spider; Small flower cultivars are used as cut sprays and also used in beds for monochromatic and polychromatic landscape. Small flowered chrysanthemum are classified into ten categories which includes Anemone, Button, Korean, Korean Double, Decorative, Pompon, Semi-Quilled, Quilled, Cineraria and Stellate. The third category of chrysanthemum is Mini chrysanthemum which is developed by NBRI and is also known as 'no pinch and no stake' type. These cultivars do not require pinching or staking during their life cycle. They can be grown in beds or small pots. It can be grown in 10 cm pot and at full bloom stage looks like a flower bouquet. For converting your home into heaven decoration of home with potted plants and cut sprays and loose flowers of chrysanthemum is required. It begins with the making of Rangoli in front door by colourful ray florets of chrysanthemum, decoration of door with garlands, arrangements of chrysanthemum pots in courtyard and verandas. Interior decoration with flower arrangements is most important part of it due to long vase life of the flower. Mini chrysanthemum in different shape, colour and forms are available which can be intelligently used for interior decoration. It can be placed even on dining table to spread positive energy as it creates its own beautiful aura to the surrounding. Mini landscapes are very attractive as they have a look of village with hut, well, lake, landscapes made from the different cultivars of mini chrysanthemum. This type of model can be placed near the entrance for creating beautiful surrounding to the home. Chrysanthemum flowers attract small birds, bees and multi-coloured butterflies which add beauty to the home and one can feel that home is now like a heaven. For decoration of home we recommend following chrysanthemum cultivars:

  • Large Flower : Snow Ball, Pink Cloud, Alfred Wilson, Undaunted, Miss Universe, Belur Math, Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba, Bolo-de-ore Allahabad Reflex, Bhima

  • Small Flower : Jayanti, Kundan, Shymal, Lilith, Flirt, Otome-Zakura, Purnima, Lalima, Khumaini, Kalyani Mauve

  • Mini Chrysanthemum : Mother Teresa, Diana, NBRI Little Darling, Kargil-99, Y 2K, Mini Queen, Rangoli, NBRI Mini Jessie, NBRI Little Orange, NBRI Hemant, NBRI Pink.

Cultivars of Chrysanthemum can be obtained from Floriculture Section of NBRI in the month of August.

*Floriculture Section, National Botanical Research Institute, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow-226001

E-mail: [email protected]

This article has been reproduced from the archives of EnviroNews - Newsletter of ISEB India.

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